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A PET/CT scan volumetric image demonstrating diffuse FDG accumulation in the bone marrow due to recent chemotherapy in a non-hodgkin lymphoma patient.

Your Radiologist Explains PET Scans
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) equipment
Example of a PET/CT image depicting growing lung cancer (bright spot).
360-degree rotation of a PET scan indicating Non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Normal positron emission tomography scan.
PET/CT image
This image represents a normal PET scan using glucose(sugar)labeled with the radioactive element, Fluorine-18. The 'radiolabeled' glucose shows up in organs using glucose (sugar) for metabolism. There is normal radiotracer uptake (dark areas) in the brain (black arrow), thyroid gland in the neck (red arrow), heart (yellow arrow), and urinary bladder (blue arrow).



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