Images & Videos: Upper GI Tract X-ray

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Upper GI x-ray image of a patient's diaphragm (arrows) showing a large hiatal hernia with high-volume reflux.
Lateral image from an esophagram demonstrates a "corkscrew" esophagus, consistent with diffuse esophageal spasm that can be seen in patients with a severe motility disorder of the esophagus.
Esophageal cancer seen on a barium swallow or upper GI exam (arrow).
Spot radiograph (x-ray of a localized region) showing a normal gastroesophageal junction (straight arrow) and the diaphragmatic hiatus (curved arrow).
Dilated esophagus secondary to tight lower esophageal sphincter (achlasia)
Image depicting esophageal narrowing due to cancer.
An x-ray image of the upper abdomen following oral contrast demonstrates a Lap-Band (a device that limits food intake) in good position.
Radiography equipment


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