Patient Safety:

Radiology Benefits and Risks

As a patient, you may have concerns about the medical imaging procedures prescribed for you or your loved ones. Questions about the effect of radiation exposure are especially common.

We've answered many of your questions below in a series of brief, easy-to-understand presentations.

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  • How much medical radiation is too much?  [HTML | Video]
  • Is diagnostic medical radiation safe?  [HTML | Video]
  • Does radiation risk depend on age?  [HTML | Video]
  • What are the benefits of CT scans?  [HTML | Video]
  • Are screening examinations worthwhile?  [HTML | Video]
  • Does radiation risk depend on gender?  [HTML | Video]
  • How much dose do I get from different procedures?  [HTML | Video]
  • I've had many CT scans. Should I be concerned?  [HTML | Video]
  • What is radiation dose?  [HTML | Video]
  • Can medical imaging exams hurt the baby of a pregnant woman?  [HTML] | Video]
  • Can medical diagnostic imaging procedures cause future reproductive problems?  [HTML] | Video]
  • How big is the risk from medical imaging to future generations?  [HTML] | Video]
  • What is the radiology community doing to appropriately manage radiation exposure to patients during imaging exams?  [HTML] | Video]


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