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09/17/2019  Screening Mammography Could Benefit Men at High Risk of Breast Cancer

09/03/2019  Genetics May Play A Role in Reaction to CT Contrast Agents

08/27/2019  Greater Left Ventricular Mass Increases Risk of Heart Failure

08/20/2019  Some Pregnant Women Are Exposed to Gadolinium in Early Pregnancy

08/20/2019  Vaping Impairs Vascular Function

08/13/2019  ADHD Medication May Affect Brain Development in Children

07/31/2019  AI Improves Efficiency and Accuracy of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

07/30/2019  Smoking Impedes Embolization Treatment in Lungs

06/27/2019  Nuclear Stress Test Helps Identify Heart Attack Risk in People with Diabetes

06/25/2019  Artificial Intelligence Improves Heart Attack Risk Assessment

06/13/2019  MRI Plays A Role in Diagnosis of Cocaine-related Damage to the Heart

06/04/2019  Researchers Study Surveillance MRI in Breast Cancer Survivors

05/07/2019  Novel Artificial Intelligence Method Predicts Future Risk of Breast Cancer

04/25/2019  Women with Coronary Artery Wall Thickness at Risk for Heart Disease

04/23/2019  Obesity Linked with Differences in Form and Structure of the Brain

04/09/2019  High-strength MRI Tracks MS Progression

04/02/2019  Bariatric Embolization Shows Promise in Treatment of Obesity

04/02/2019  Older Women Benefit Significantly When Screened with 3-D Mammography

03/20/2019  Researchers Use Radiomics to Predict Who Will Benefit from Chemotherapy

03/19/2019  3-D Mammography Significantly Reduces Breast Biopsy Rates

03/19/2019  Breast Density Assessment Varies Greatly by Screening Method and Race

03/12/2019  Iron Measurements with MRI Reveal Stroke's Impact on Brain

03/12/2019  Non-Contrast MRI is Effective in Monitoring MS Patients

01/22/2019  Artificial Intelligence Shows Potential for Triaging Chest X-rays

12/18/2018  MRI Effective for Monitoring Liver Fat in Obese Patients

12/11/2018  Digital Mammography Increases Breast Cancer Detection

12/11/2018  Novel Technique May Significantly Reduce Breast Biopsies

12/04/2018 Launches “RadInfo 4 Kids”

11/29/2018  Snoring Poses Greater Cardiac Risk to Women

11/28/2018  New Study Supports Mammography Screening at 30 for Some Women

11/20/2018  Researchers Use MRI to Predict Alzheimer's Disease

11/20/2018  Women Benefit from Mammography Screening Beyond Age 75

10/09/2018  Carotid Artery MRI Improves Risk Assessment for Cardiovascular Disease

10/02/2018  Abdominal Aortic Calcification May Signal Future Heart Attack

09/25/2018  CT Technique Expands Possibilities of Imaging Ancient Remains

09/25/2018  Minimally Invasive Autopsy Improves Postmortem Diagnoses

09/18/2018  Thermal Ablation Effectively Treats Early-stage Lung Cancer

08/08/2018  Novel Technique to Treat Endometrial Cysts is Safe and Effective

07/31/2018  Soccer Heading May Be Riskier for Female Players

07/17/2018  Brain Iron Levels May Predict Multiple Sclerosis Disabilities

07/03/2018  Cardiac Hybrid Imaging an Effective Tool for Predicting Heart Attacks

06/26/2018  High-Strength MRI May Release Mercury from Amalgam Dental Fillings

06/26/2018  New Study Confirms Higher Cancer Rate in Women with Dense Breast Tissue

06/12/2018  Children with Kidney Disease Show Blood Flow Changes in Brain

06/12/2018  Smoking and Diabetes Linked to Brain Calcifications

05/29/2018  High Prevalence of Atherosclerosis Found in Lower Risk Patients

04/24/2018  Radiotherapy Offers New Treatment Option for Liver Cancer

03/27/2018  Abnormal Brain Connections Seen in Preschoolers with Autism

02/13/2018  Patients Lack Information about Imaging Exams

11/30/2017  Brain's Appetite Regulator Disrupted in Obese Teens

11/30/2017  Emergency Radiologists See Inner Toll of Opioid Use Disorders

11/30/2017  Smartphone Addiction Creates Imbalance in Brain

11/29/2017  CT Shows Enlarged Aortas in Former Pro Football Players

11/29/2017  Hip Steroid Injections Associated with Bone Changes

11/29/2017  Minimally Invasive Treatment Provides Relief from Back Pain

11/29/2017  Study Finds No Evidence that Gadolinium Causes Neurologic Harm

11/28/2017  Weight Loss Through Exercise Alone Does Not Protect Knees

11/27/2017  Fat Distribution in Women and Men Provides Clues to Heart Attack Risk

11/27/2017  Neurofeedback Shows Promise in Treating Tinnitus

11/27/2017  New Studies Show Brain Impact of Youth Football

11/27/2017  Radiology Offers Clues in Cases of Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault

11/22/2017  MRI Shows Brain Differences Among ADHD Patients

11/21/2017  Male Triathletes May Be Putting Their Heart Health at Risk

11/21/2017  Women Prefer Getting Mammograms Every Year

11/20/2017  MRI Uncovers Brain Abnormalities in People with Depression and Anxiety

11/20/2017  Overweight Women May Need More Frequent Mammograms

10/18/2017  MRI May Predict Neurological Outcomes for Cardiac Arrest Survivors

10/17/2017  Machine Learning Identifies Breast Lesions Likely to Become Cancer

09/27/2017  Brain Disconnections May Contribute to Parkinson's Hallucinations

08/08/2017  MRI Reveals Striking Brain Differences in People with Genetic Autism

07/25/2017  MRI May Help Predict Cognitive Impairment in Professional Fighters

07/11/2017  Insurance Coverage for CT Colonography Increases Likelihood of Screening

07/11/2017  Researchers Identify Visual System Changes that May Signal Parkinson's Disease

06/27/2017  Study Suggests Intracranial Pathology Not Necessary for Gadolinium Deposition in Brain Tissues

06/20/2017  Radiologists Seek Greater Involvement in Patient Care

06/14/2017  Study Looks at Needles in Treatment for Shoulder Pain

06/13/2017  Uterine Fibroid Embolization Helps Restore Fertility

05/02/2017  Weight Loss Can Slow Down Knee Joint Degeneration

04/24/2017  Artificial Intelligence May Help Diagnose Tuberculosis in Remote Areas

02/28/2017  Mammography Trends Show Improved Cancer Detection, More Biopsies

02/22/2017  National Dose Levels Established for 10 Common Adult CT Examinations

02/14/2017  Interventional Weight-loss Procedure Safe for Morbidly Obese Individuals

12/02/2016  Short-term Sleep Deprivation Affects Heart Function

11/30/2016  Aerobic Exercise Preserves Brain Volume and Improves Cognitive Function

11/29/2016  Alcohol Consumption Shows No Effect on Coronary Arteries

11/29/2016  Depression in Soldiers Linked to Brain Disruption from Injury

11/29/2016  New Report Warns of Chest Injuries in Children after ATV Accidents

11/28/2016  Head Impacts Lead to Brain Changes in High School Football Players

11/28/2016  Large Study Finds No Evidence for Age-Based Mammography Cut-Off

11/28/2016  Study Finds Cause of Visual Impairment in Astronauts

11/22/2016  Diabetes Proves Deadly for Smokers

11/22/2016  New Studies Provide More Insight into Zika Effects

11/21/2016  Musical Training Creates New Brain Connections in Children

11/21/2016  Obesity in Adolescence May Cause Permanent Bone Loss

08/23/2016  New Report Details Pre- and Postnatal Brain Defects from Zika Virus

07/06/2016  Artificial Intelligence May Aid in Alzheimer's Diagnosis

07/05/2016  CT Follow-up Sufficient for Some Lung Nodules

06/28/2016  Methylene Blue Shows Promise for Improving Short-Term Memory

06/07/2016  Saturated Fatty Acids Linked to Breast Cancer in Postmenopausal Women

05/31/2016  Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier Linked to Alzheimer's Disease

04/19/2016  Stent Retrievers Improve Odds for Ischemic Stroke Patients

04/05/2016  Insomnia Linked to Damage in Brain Communication Networks

03/29/2016  Imaging Predicts Long-Term Effects in Veterans with Brain Injury

03/15/2016  MRI Helps Predict Preterm Birth

03/08/2016  Video Games Improve Brain Connections in Multiple Sclerosis Patients

03/01/2016  Imaging Shows Impact of PTSD in Earthquake Survivors

02/26/2016 Draws Record Number of Visits, Launches New Section

02/01/2016  Technique Helps Predict Likelihood of Migraines in Concussion Patients

01/26/2016  Study Links Fatty Liver and Heart Failure in Obese People

12/15/2015  MRI Shows 'Brain Scars' in Military Personnel with Blast-related Concussion

12/03/2015  Patient Mood Can Impact Medical Procedure Results

12/02/2015  CT and 3-D Printing Aid Surgical Separation of Conjoined Twins

12/02/2015  Imaging Yields Evidence of Heart Disease in Archeological Find

12/02/2015  Researchers Find Link Between Early-Stage Brain and Heart Disease

12/02/2015  Study Suggests Breast Density Alone Not a Risk Factor for Cancer

12/01/2015  Gastric Artery Embolization Shows Promise in Treating Obesity

12/01/2015  MRI Reveals Heart Changes During Apnea in Elite Divers

12/01/2015  Researchers Use Gaming Technology to Create Better X-Rays

12/01/2015  Ultrasound Reveals Knuckle-Cracking Fireworks

11/30/2015  Imaging Identifies Cartilage Regeneration in Long-Distance Runners

11/30/2015  Medicaid Expansion Improves Breast Cancer Screening for Low-Income Women

11/30/2015  MRI Reveals Weight Loss Protects Knees

11/30/2015  Parental Absence Affects Brain Development in Children

11/30/2015  Reduced Blood Flow Seen in Brain After Clinical Recovery of Acute Concussion

11/25/2015  Breast MRI After Mammography May Identify Additional Aggressive Cancers

11/24/2015  3-D MRI Shows Early Signs of Stroke Risk in Diabetic Patients

11/24/2015  Food Odors Activate Impulse Area of the Brain in Obese Children

11/24/2015  Subsolid Lung Nodules Pose Greater Cancer Risk to Women than Men

10/27/2015  High-grade DCIS Detection Rates Increase in Older Women

10/20/2015  MRI Shows Heart Ages Differently in Women than in Men

10/06/2015  Older Patients Recover More Slowly from Concussion

09/15/2015  MRI Improves Diagnosis of Microbleeding after Brain Injury in Military Personnel

07/28/2015  Specific Cardiovascular Risk Factors May Predict Alzheimer's Disease

07/08/2015  Imaging Could Improve Treatment of People with COPD

06/23/2015  CT Allows Nonsurgical Management of Some Lung Nodules

06/09/2015  Aneurysms May Recur Years after Endovascular Treatment

06/02/2015  CT Angiography Links Arterial Plaque with Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol

05/27/2015  Imaging Test May Identify Biomarker of Alzheimer's Disease

05/12/2015  MRI Shows Potential to Improve Breast Cancer Risk Prediction

05/05/2015  Gadolinium May Remain in Brain after Contrast MRI

04/28/2015  Women Show Persistent Memory Impairment after Concussion

12/22/2014  Radiologist Recommendations for Chest CT Have High Clinical Yield

12/03/2014  Common Knee Surgery May Lead to Arthritis and Cartilage Loss

12/03/2014  Interventional Radiology Procedure Preserves Uterus in Patients with Placenta Accreta

12/03/2014  Many Chest X-rays in Children Are Unnecessary

12/02/2014  3-D Mammography Improves Cancer Detection in Dense Breasts

12/02/2014  Even Mild Coronary Artery Disease Puts Diabetic Patients at Risk

12/02/2014  Patients Take Control of Their Medical Exam Records

12/02/2014  Risk-based Screening Misses Breast Cancers in Women in Their Forties

12/01/2014  High School Football Players Show Brain Changes after One Season

12/01/2014  Imaging Shows Brain Connection Breakdown in Early Alzheimer's Disease

12/01/2014  PET/CT Shows Pituitary Abnormalities in Veterans with PTSD

12/01/2014  Researchers Use 3-D Printing to Guide Human Face Transplants

11/25/2014  Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis Linked to Cognitive Impairment

11/03/2014  Physicians, Patients Worldwide Pause to Recognize Radiology's Role in Diagnosing and Treating Brain Disease and Injuries

10/14/2014  Teenage Baseball Pitchers at Risk for Permanent Shoulder Injury

10/07/2014  MRI Technique Detects Evidence of Cognitive Decline Before Symptoms Appear

09/23/2014  Patients Accept False-Positives to Achieve Diagnostic Sensitivity

09/16/2014  Imaging Identifies Asymptomatic People at Risk for Stroke

09/10/2014  MRI Shows Gray Matter Myelin Loss Strongly Related to MS Disability

09/09/2014  Contrast-Enhanced CT Safe for Most Patients

08/26/2014  Wii Balance Board Induces Changes in the Brains of MS Patients

08/05/2014  Mammography Benefits Women over 75

07/15/2014  Researchers Assess Emergency Radiology Response after Boston Marathon Bombings

06/17/2014  MRI Technique May Help Prevent ADHD Misdiagnosis

06/10/2014  MRI Shows Brain Abnormalities in Late Preterm Infants

05/27/2014  Chest CT Helps Predict Cardiovascular Disease Risk

05/06/2014  Gender May Contribute to Recovery Time After Concussion

04/30/2014  MRI Shows Disrupted Connections in the Brains of Young People with ADHD

04/29/2014  Diabetes Duration and Severity Associated with Brain Atrophy

04/22/2014  CT Measures Potentially Dangerous Arterial Plaque in Diabetic Patients

04/18/2014  New Image Wisely® Radiation Safety Case on CT Brain Perfusion Now Available

03/05/2014  Ultra-High-Field MRI May Allow Earlier Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease

03/04/2014  Carotid Artery MRI Helps Predict Likelihood of Strokes and Heart Attacks

02/04/2014  Novel Technique Increases Detection Rate in Screening Mammography

01/14/2014  Gene Variation Associated with Brain Atrophy in Mild Cognitive Impairment

12/17/2013   Brain Chemical Ratios Help Predict Developmental Delays in Preterm Infants

12/17/2013   Contrast Agent Linked with Brain Abnormalities on MRI

12/09/2013   CT Lung Cancer Screening Overdiagnosis Rate Comparatively Modest

12/04/2013  Blood Vessels Reorganize after Face Transplantation Surgery

12/04/2013  Mammography Screening Intervals May Affect Breast Cancer Prognosis

12/04/2013  MR-guided Ultrasound Offers Noninvasive Treatment for Breast Cancer

12/03/2013  Breast Cancer Risk Related to Changes in Breast Density as Women Age

12/03/2013  Breast Tomosynthesis Increases Cancer Detection and Reduces Recall Rates

12/03/2013  International Study Finds Heart Disease Similar in Men and Women

12/03/2013  New Research Shows Promise for Possible HIV Cure

12/02/2013  Cardiac MRI Reveals Energy Drinks Alter Heart Function

12/02/2013  Imaging Shows Long-term Impact of Blast-induced Brain Injuries in Veterans

12/02/2013  Novel Rehabilitation Device Improves Motor Skills after Stroke

12/02/2013  PRP Therapy Improves Degenerative Tendon Disease in Athletes

11/20/2013   Study Finds Altered Brain Connections in Epilepsy Patients

11/20/2013  Age Affects Short-term Quality of Life After Breast Biopsy

11/05/2013   International Day of Radiology 2013 Recognizes Lung Imaging and Countless Innovations in Radiology Research

10/10/2013  ACR/RSNA Joint Statement on CT for Lung Cancer Screening

10/02/2013  New Public Service Announcement Campaign Helps Clear Confusion on When, Where and How Often Women Should Get Mammograms

09/17/2013   Self-Referral Spurs Unnecessary MRI Exams for Patients

09/10/2013   Experts Take on Challenge of Breast Density Notification Laws

08/26/2013   ACR Statement on USPSTF Draft Recommendation for CT Lung Cancer Screening: Standards and Infrastructure Needed to Support Widespread Screening Program

08/20/2013  Multicenter Trial Finds Screening Ultrasound-Detected BI-RADS 3 Breast Lesions Have Low Cancer Rate

07/30/2013   Some Women with Abnormal Breast Lesions May Avoid Surgery

07/30/2013   Tomosynthesis Reduces Breast Cancer Screening Recall Rate

07/24/2013   Hospital Mammography Recall Rates Higher

07/16/2013   Fat in Organs and Blood May Increase Risk of Osteoporosis

07/02/2013   Growth in Cerebral Aneurysms Increases Risk of Rupture

07/02/2013   New Study Describes Imaging Findings in H7N9 Influenza

06/25/2013   Exercise Benefits Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

06/25/2013   Patient Factors Play Key Role in Emergency Department Imaging

06/18/2013   Atherosclerosis in Abdominal Aorta May Signal Future Heart Attack, Stroke

06/18/2013   Concussion Patients Show Alzheimer's-like Brain Abnormalities

06/11/2013   'Heading' a Soccer Ball Could Lead to Brain Injury

05/23/2013   MRI-based Measurement Helps Predict Vascular Disease in the Brain

05/14/2013   Digital Mammography Cancer Detection Rates May Vary Significantly

04/23/2013   Atrophy in Key Region of Brain Associated With Multiple Sclerosis

03/27/2013   MRI Shows Brain Abnormalities in Migraine Patients

03/26/2013   Radiology Experts Travel to Haiti to Educate Local Radiologists and Pediatricians

03/12/2013   Colon Cancer Patient Advocates and Physicians Urge Congress to Pass Bill Requiring Medicare Coverage of Virtual Colonoscopy

03/12/2013   Single Concussion May Cause Lasting Brain Damage

02/20/2013  CT Angiography Helps Predict Heart Attack Risk

02/05/2013   Benefits of CT Outweigh Cancer Risks in Young Adults

02/01/2013   Novel Radiation Therapy Method Shortens Prostate Cancer Treatment Time

12/18/2012  Immediate Health Risk Must Be Weighed Against Radiation-Induced Cancer Risk

12/11/2012  Brain Angioplasty and Stents Found Safe and Effective for Stroke Patients

12/11/2012  Combination of Imaging Exams Improves Alzheimer's Diagnosis

11/28/2012  CT Depicts Racial Differences in Coronary Artery Disease

11/28/2012  High Altitude Climbers at Risk for Brain Bleeds

11/28/2012  Men with Belly Fat at Risk for Osteoporosis

11/28/2012  Most Patients in the Dark about What Radiologists Do

11/27/2012   Women with Dense Breasts Welcome Additional Screening

11/27/2012  New Studies Show Effects of Mammography Guideline Changes

11/27/2012  Radiologic and Physical Findings Identify Elder Abuse

11/27/2012  Researchers Identify Physiological Evidence of 'Chemo Brain'

11/27/2012  Scatter Radiation from Mammography Presents No Cancer Risk

11/26/2012  Active Lifestyle Boosts Brain Structure and Slows Alzheimer's Disease

11/26/2012  Exercise Rate Related to Improvements in Parkinson's Disease

11/26/2012  Imaging Shows Some Brains Compensate after Traumatic Injury

11/26/2012  Researchers Discover Gender-based Differences in Alzheimer's Disease

11/26/2012  Too Much or Too Little Activity Bad for Knees

11/25/2012  Fetal Alcohol Exposure Affects Brain Structure in Children

11/25/2012  Reading, Writing and Playing Games May Help Aging Brains Stay Healthy

11/21/2012  MRI Shows Brain Disruption in Patients with Post-Concussion Syndrome

11/20/2012  Novel Breast Screening Technology Increases Diagnostic Accuracy

11/13/2012  Stereoscopic Mammography Could Reduce Recall Rate

10/09/2012  New MRI Technique Used to Identify Early-Stage Coronary Disease

10/02/2012  Digital Mammography Improves Population-Based Breast Cancer Screening

10/02/2012  Novel MRI Technique Could Reduce Breast Biopsies

08/21/2012  MRI Findings Shed Light on Multiple Sclerosis

08/13/2012  'Harmless' Condition Shown to Alter Brain Function in Elderly

07/17/2012  Sodium Buildup in Brain Linked to Disability in Multiple Sclerosis

06/06/2012  Benefits of Childhood CT Scans Outweigh Risks

06/06/2012  Pediatric CT Scans Save Lives When Used Appropriately (Parents Should Not Forego Necessary Imaging Scans for Their Children)

06/05/2012  Post-Stroke Depression Linked to Functional Brain Impairment

06/04/2012  RTOG Phase III Trial Shows Radiation Therapy Lowers the Risk of Breast Cancer Recurrence for Women Diagnosed with "Good Risk" DCIS

05/15/2012  Study Examines BI-RADS and MRI in Predicting Breast Cancer

05/01/2012  Use of Dedicated Pediatric Imaging Departments for Pediatric CT Scans Significantly Reduces Radiation Dose, Study Suggests

04/24/2012  Emergency Room CT Exams Have Increased in Children with Abdominal Pain

03/27/2012  New Study Looks at Growth Rates of Lung Cancers Found by CT Screening

03/26/2012  Coronary CT Angiography Safe, Time Saving, and More Effective than Traditional Care for Evaluating Patients Arriving at Emergency Department with Chest Pain

03/19/2012  MRI Techniques Improve Pulmonary Embolism Detection

03/13/2012  Prolonged Space Travel Causes Brain and Eye Abnormalities in Astronauts

02/23/2012  Virtual Colonoscopy Effective Screening Tool for Adults over 65

02/22/2012  Cognitive Rehabilitation Improves Brain Performance in Patients with MS

02/22/2012  Mammography-Detected Breast Cancer in 40-49 Year-olds Has Better Prognosis

01/24/2012  Preoperative MRI May Reduce Risk of Nerve Damage in Prostate Cancer Surgeries

01/16/2012  Experts Offer Pointers for Optimizing Radiation Dose in Pediatric CT

11/30/2011  Eating Fish Reduces Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

11/30/2011  Heart Attack Risk Differs Between Men and Women

11/30/2011  Self-Referral Leads to More Negative Exams for Patients

11/30/2011  Violent Video Games Alter Brain Function in Young Men

11/29/2011  Growth Hormone Increases Bone Formation in Obese Women

11/29/2011  'Heading' a Soccer Ball Could Lead to Brain Injury

11/29/2011  New Study Supports Mammography Screening at 40

11/29/2011  New Technology Gives Patients Control of Medical Image Sharing

11/29/2011  Virtual Childbirth Simulator Improves Safety of High-Risk Deliveries

11/28/2011  Functional Brain Pathways Disrupted in Children with ADHD

11/28/2011  Integrated 3-D Imaging Facilitates Human Face Transplantation

11/28/2011  Researchers Use CT to Recreate Stradivarius Violin

11/28/2011  Restricted Calorie Diet Improves Heart Function in Obese Patients with Diabetes

09/27/2011  New National Poll: 89 Percent of Women Said Mammograms Vital to Their Health

09/13/2011  Study Finds Chronic Abnormal Brain Blood Flow in Gulf War Veterans

09/08/2011  Concurrent chemo and radiation therapy improves long-term survival for inoperable stage III lung cancer

08/16/2011  Fat Around Heart May Be Early Indicator of Coronary Disease

07/27/2011  CT Shows Changes in Lungs Associated with COPD Flare-ups

07/20/2011  Brain Connectivity Disrupted in Patients with Post-Concussive Syndrome

06/28/2011  CT Angiography Improves Detection of Heart Disease in African Americans

06/28/2011  Study Finds Mammography Screening Reduces Breast Cancer Mortality

05/31/2011  New Research May Lead to Improved Diagnosis of Autism

05/17/2011  Contrast Agent Guidelines Help Prevent Debilitating Disorder

04/11/2011  MRI May Contribute to Early Detection of Alzheimer's

04/06/2011  Using MRI, Researchers May Predict Which Adults Will Develop Alzheimer's

04/05/2011  Emergency Department CT Exams of Children Have Increased Substantially

03/16/2011  New Articles Examine Safety of Airport Security Scanners

03/16/2011  Tests on Century-old Equipment Show How Far X-rays Have Come

03/01/2011  Quality of Life Significantly Increases After Uterine Fibroid Treatment

02/22/2011  Higher Volume Reduces False Positives in Screening Mammography

02/15/2011  Breast Cancer Screening with MRI Benefits Women with Radiation Therapy History

02/01/2011  Repeat MRI Screening for Breast Cancer Results in Fewer False Positives

01/11/2011  CT Helps Identify Bullet Trajectories

12/02/2010  Expert Panel Addresses Safety in Medical Imaging

12/01/2010  Annual Breast Cancer Screening Beginning at Age 40 Reduces Mastectomy Risk

12/01/2010  Cancer Risk From Medical Radiation May Have Been Overestimated

12/01/2010  CT Best at Uncovering Drug Mule Payload

12/01/2010  Virtual Biopsy May Allow Earlier Diagnosis of Brain Disorder in Athletes

11/30/2010  Acupuncture Changes Brain's Perception and Processing of Pain

11/30/2010  Belly Fat Puts Women at Risk for Osteoporosis

11/30/2010  People With Sleep Apnea at Higher Risk for Aggressive Heart Disease

11/30/2010  Researchers Use Patient's Own Blood to Treat Hamstring Injury

11/30/2010  Screening Tool May Better Identify Heart Disease in African Americans

11/29/2010  Diagnosis Uncertainty Increases Anxiety in Patients

11/29/2010  Emergency Departments See Substantial Increase in CT Exams

11/29/2010  Light Exercise May Prevent Osteoarthritis

11/29/2010  New Study Reports Effects of Endurance Running

11/29/2010  Walking Slows Progression of Alzheimer's

11/29/2010  Women With Personal History of Breast Cancer Should be Screened With MRI

11/16/2010  Radiation Fears Should Not Deter Women from Mammography Screening

11/09/2010  Combined Imaging Technologies May Better Identify Cancerous Breast Lesions

11/09/2010  Using CT, Radiologists Can Pinpoint Cause of Some Strokes

11/04/2010  Statement of the American College of Radiology (ACR) on the National Lung Cancer Screening Trial (NLST)

11/02/2010  MRI May Help Determine Time of Stroke Onset

10/05/2010  MRI May Predict Continued Decline in Patients with Mild Cognitive Impairment

09/28/2010  Researchers Use CT to Predict Heart Disease

09/08/2010  Mammography Saves Lives (TM) Campaign Helps Clear Confusion on When and How Often Women Should Receive Mammograms

09/07/2010  Radiologists Identify and Treat Teenage Self-Injury

08/31/2010  Combining Resistance and Endurance Training Best for Heart Health

08/24/2010  Fat Distribution Plays a Role in Weight Loss Success in Patients at Risk of Diabetes

08/24/2010  Radiologists Call for National Strategy to Address Medical Imaging Overuse

06/29/2010  Surgical Repair of Knee Injuries Does Not Decrease Risk of Osteoarthritis

06/29/2010  Use of Less Invasive, Imaging-Guided Biopsies on the Rise

06/23/2010  Radiology Offers Opposing Views on Mammography Guidelines

06/22/2010  Noninvasive Combination Technique May Reduce Number of Breast Biopsies

06/15/2010  CT Angiography May be Unnecessary in Patients with Suspected Pulmonary Embolism

05/26/2010  Appendectomy May Be Best for Patients with Positive CT Exam

05/26/2010  Detection of Breast Cancer in Screening Mammography Has Improved Over Time

05/05/2010  Simple Change Results in Fewer Unnecessary Imaging Exams for Patients

03/23/2010  Chest X-rays Can Help Predict Which H1N1 Patients Are at Greatest Risk

03/23/2010  Virtual Colonoscopy Allows Detection of Unsuspected Cancers Beyond Colon

02/23/2010  Combined Mammography and Breast MRI Useful for Some High-Risk Women

02/23/2010  New Cardiac CT Technology Drastically Reduces Patient Radiation Exposure

01/26/2010  Preoperative CT Useful for Younger Women with Suspected Appendicitis

12/22/2009  Elevated-Risk Women Refuse MRI Breast Cancer Screening

12/02/2009  Annual Screening with Breast Ultrasound or MRI Could Benefit Some Women

12/02/2009  Outpatient Disc Treatment Gives Long-Term Back Pain Relief

12/02/2009  Targeted Breast Ultrasound Can Reduce Biopsies for Women under Forty

12/01/2009  Childhood Lead Exposure Causes Permanent Brain Damage

12/01/2009  Mammography May Increase Breast Cancer Risk in Some High-Risk Women

12/01/2009  MRI Helps Detect Life-Threatening Pregnancy Complication

12/01/2009  Overweight Children May Develop Back Pain and Spinal Abnormalities

12/01/2009  Severe Asymptomatic Heart Disease May Accompany Narrowing in Leg Arteries

12/01/2009  Special Ultrasound Accurately Identifies Skin Cancer

11/30/2009  Beverage Can Stay-Tabs Pose Swallowing Risk

11/30/2009  Elastography Reduces Unnecessary Breast Biopsies

11/30/2009  Smart Phones Allow Quick Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

11/30/2009  Unindicated CT Series Result in Unnecessary Radiation Exposure for Patients

11/28/2009  Too Much Physical Activity May Lead to Arthritis

08/27/2009  Medical Imaging Saves and Extends Lives:
Patients Should Not Avoid Medical Imaging Care Due to Concerns Raised in Recent NEJM Article

08/26/2009  Radiologists, Medical Physicists Work to Make Imaging Procedures Safer

08/25/2009   New Treatment Option for Ruptured Brain Aneurysms

07/28/2009  High Calcium Level in Arteries May Signal Serious Heart Attack Risk

07/14/2009  Obesity Contributes to Rapid Cartilage Loss

07/07/2009  MRI Accurately Depicts Deep Endometriosis

06/30/2009  Rotator Cuff Treatment Provides Immediate Tendonitis Relief

03/31/2009  CT Scans: Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Risky

03/17/2009  Study Tracks Increasing Use of CT on Pregnant Women

02/10/2009  MRI Shows Brain Atrophy Pattern that Predicts Alzheimer's

02/09/2009  Stroke Therapy Window Might Be Extended Past Nine Hours for Some

02/02/2009  Even with Medication, Asthma Patients Show Chronic Airflow Changes in Lungs

02/02/2009  Exercise Improves Leg Pain Caused by Arterial Disease

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